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Special Menu: June

"Myojo (Japanese style wheat noodle)" "Pom fell in love with these Japanese style noodle with her first bite". Myojo is the only instant noodle that has their own distinct texture, which is chewy but not gummy. Pom thinks and tastes all these Myojo's creation dishes and hopes that you will enjoy both noodle texture and its flavor from Thai style cooking methods.

Available only at Thai Taste (767-3599) & Pom's Thai (347-3000)
South Portland, Maine.

Koong Sarong (Appetizer)                    
6 Shrimps wrapped with Myojo (Wheat noodles),                   
deep-fried until crispy. Garnished w. red pepper & cilantro. 

Served with Thai sweet chili sauce

Myojo & Wonton Tom Yum
$8.95  L  $12.95 D
Myojo, wonton (Chicken & Shrimp stuffing), & Shrimp
in Thai Tom Yum broth with sliced mushroom
scallions, and cilantro on top.


Kuay-Teow Ped
(Big Bowl Soup)
$9.95 L $12.95 D
Myojo noodles and bean sprout in duck flavored (five spices) broth. Topped with crispy duck, scallion, preserved radish, cilantro, garlic oil.                    

Please tell your server how spicy or not ?


Peanut Noodle
$8.95  L  $12.95 D               
Myojo noodles stir-fried with chicken & shrimp, mixed
vegetable in fragrant sesame-garlic sauce.
Finished it off with crushed peanut.


Myojo~Ch Teriyaki
$8.95 L $12.95 D
Myojo noodles stir-fried with julienne carrot & snow pea, shredded cabbage, bean sprout, scallion in garlic sauce. Served with grilled chicken teriyaki.         


Ch Goy See Mee
$8.95 L $12.95 D
Pan-seared a bed of Myojo noodle. So, it's crispy and aroma outside, but still chewy inside. 
Topped with shredded chicken, julienne carrot & snow pea, shitake mushroom, baby corn, and scallion in light gravy sauce with a touch of vinegar. You can add bambo as well.

Hope you will try these special menus soon,
Pom Boobphachati

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